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I love the rain. I love how it softens the outlines of things. The world becomes softly blurred, and I feel like I melt right into it.

Hanamoto Hagumi, Honey and Clover  (via sad-plath)


- Soybean Flour, You can’t betray me, okay? If you’re going to betray me, at least give me a good reason. That you like some other punk. Okay?

But there’s something else that you really shouldn’t do.

- What is that? Tell me, I won’t do it.

- Don’t die in front of me ….

- Okay. I won’t die in front of you. And I’ll be sure to give you a good reason before betraying you.

So you must also tell me that you’re hurt when you’re hurt… That you’re tired when you’re tired…

And tell me if you want to cry, vent your anger, and scream like a madman whenever you want to do those things.

You mustn’t just shove rice balls down your throat every time you want to cry like just now.